School Services

In order to fulfil our mission ‘to inspire and encourage our children to make healthier food choices, not just at nursery and school, but at home too’ we offer a variety of services to engage and educate children about healthy food, in an exciting new way.

 As a wholesale customer, your nursery or school will receive a number of free optional extra’s which you can opt for on initial consultation with us, or save for a later date. After seeing the positive impact of our very creative and interesting food characters, we hope you will choose to purchase additional extra’s but these are by no means obligatory.

 We use our trademarked cartoon characters to engage, inspire and inject fun into food education and to create an encouraging lunch hall atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

 Our Free Optional Extras include:

  • Educational Activity Packs for Pupils- Based on our GFF characters and aimed at early years and primary. 
  • Theme Days & Canteen decor- Allow the GFF character crew to take over your canteen for the day or host your very own theme day in the classroom – our life size models of the characters and decor can create a real buzz in the lunch hall whilst promoting an array of healthy food options.


Additional Extras include:

  • Menu & nutrition consultancy - We know that your chefs are working around the clock to continuously produce new menus and nutritious meals and we want to help – we can offer expert advice on menu ideas, as and when you find yourself short on new inspiration or even inject some tweaks to improve its nutritional value. Our Chefs are the unsung heroes at our schools, we want to make sure they know it and support them.
  • Nutritional Talks with GFF Child Nutritionists - One of our lovely child nutritionists will visit your school and give educational talks to your pupils teaching them about the incredible benefits of healthy foods. They will of course be helped out by a supporting cast of our Good Food Family cartoon characters which guarantees to make this a fun and engaging lesson!


We are continuously evolving our Good Food Family Characters to include seasonal collateral and to keep the characters current. We are also creating new themes and discussion topics for our Talks and we’re always working on new ideas to support our mission.