About Us

The Good Food Family originally grew from a collaboration between The Bearded Butcher of London and the Forest Farm Shop, Hainault. It became obvious after many conversations with shared customers that this convergence of 3 generations and over 65 years of experience with fresh produce could lead to something quite special... and so the company was formed.

Not so long ago before the explosive growth of Supermarkets, it was commonplace for people to mostly shop at their local high street using their local butcher and greengrocer, developing good relationships and being on first name terms with those who supplied us. It was a good time, we talked to people more and we took more interest in what we were buying and eating.  As we reached the 21st century, the world became ‘busier’, we were suddenly always rushing and the mammoth supermarkets seized on our desire for ‘speed and convenience’. Unfortunately somewhere along the line, a lot of us started sacrificing quality and freshness for this perceived convenience. Our mission is to restore that quality and personal service that we once enjoyed but at the same time provide the convenience that we all desire by delivering straight to your door.

The Good Food Family visit the London wholesale veg and meat markets every morning of each delivery day to ensure the quickest possible journey from farm to your table! By leveraging our experienced team of produce buyers, butchers, handlers and delivery staff, we cut that time relative to supermarkets often by a factor of 5.

Descriptions of sourcing, storage and delivery can be found on our website so please explore.... and of course, if you have any questions, please call us or send us an email. We would love to be your virtual local grocers.

Our Second Mission... Education

Another stressful factor of modern times is ‘Information Overload’. When it comes to eating healthy and fresh, we cannot just assume that every adult and child automatically knows what to eat and how to cook it and frankly, it can be quite challenging when it comes to educating ourselves, there are so many videos, websites, books and podcasts... sometimes we find ourselves thinking, ‘Where do I start?!’   
     That’s where our gang of The Good Food Family cartoon characters come in. Our mission is to combine fun and education with some light hearted, comical cartoons and other educational tools including our ‘Cooking with Kids’ tutorial videos.  By seeking different ways to keep families engaged with what they eat and by working with Teachers and Schools, The characters from The Veg Pack, The Fruit Pack and The Rack Pack will aim to subtly transform the way we appreciate dinner times.

As a valued customer of the The Good Food Family, you’ll gain access to the ever-evolving content that our characters share with us. Why not try it out today.